2012-2017 ACO

ACO Association for 501(c) 3 Charitable Organizations, Inc.,
Ginger Parrish Bowers
Deborah K Dockery
Authors Club Org Kentucky

Nathan Rosenblum
North EAST Pennsylvania
Theresa J Morris
Dr. Lessin, Janet Lessin
Theresa J Morris,
Pres/CEO with Executive Vice President – GS 13 (Retired) Myron E McCoy
ACO Club Pres/ Exiecutive Vice President/Treasurer.
Lewis Rhinehart, ACO Club
Organizer- M A R S
Mobile, AL with TJ Morris and Dr. Lessin
TJ Morris dba ACIR
Ascension Age
ACO Club
ACE Metaphysical Institute
Ancient Cultures Origin
Cosmos Expo Team

Ken Johnston
ACO Club
Astronauts in Space
ACE MEtaphysical Institute
Byron Lacy
ACO Club Member
ACE Metaphysics Institute
Brett Sheppard
ACO Club – Author
John Titor II
ACO Club – Author
ERA COP Time Travel Division
Theresa J Morris, CEO
Dr. Bruce Maccabee
ACO Club
Board of Directors
Alien Contact Org
Barry Strohm
ACO Club Member
Authors Club
ACE Metaphysical Institute – USA
Bill M Tracer
ACO CLUB – Vice President
Authors Club Org Division
Co-Host Spirituality
Ascension Center Org
Javier Sandoval
ACO Club
Janet Lessin
ACO Club Member
Ascension Center.Net
Brad Olsen
Author, Speaker
Consultant – ACO Club

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