GPC = Global Pyramid Conference Marta Thomas, Organizer

Global Pyramid Conference
State of Illinois
Marta Thomas – Organizer-Promoter

We are proud to be friends of MARTA THOMAS and all her SPEAKERS and participants of the GPC

Global Pyramid Conference in ILLINOIS, USA. TJ Morris Media Agency in Florida, USA as ACO Club of Associates as the ACO Media Network Partners.

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REMEMBER THE YEAR 2016? We had a Global Pyramid Conference. It was the first!

Marta Thomas, is the organizer and promoter and will begin the 2nd one in 2018!

J Morris, ACO



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GLOBAL PYRAMID CONFERENCE, Organizer is Marta Thomas, State of Illinois, USA

Name                                    Lecture On                                                                                                                          Country               

Dr. Kathy Forti                   The Atlantean/Egyptian Healing Connection                                                        USA

Recent testing of water found under Egyptian pyramid

Dr. Ibrahim Karim             The Pyramid Portal                                                                                                          Egypt

The Pyramid Subtle Energy Analysis

Rev. Mary Hardy, PhD    How Pyramid Orgone Energy Changes our Planet’s Life Force Energy         USA

Johannes Schlederer      Consciousness Evolution & Healing with Pyramids                                             Austria

Dr. P. S. Gopala Krishna Case Studies – Curing Through Pyramid Energy As A Tablet                             India

Jason Stiles                         Designer Magnetic Earth Tech for Evolving the Human Experience USA

Dr. Assia Bennouar          Pyramid Healing                                                                                                               Algeria

Dr. Glen Swartwout        Nous Energy ..Healing Power of the Pyramids                                                      Hawaii

Rev. Alicja Aratyn, M.Eng, D. M.                 Powers of Vibrations & Colors Emitted By Pyramids          CA/Poland

Pari Patri                              Pyramid Movement of India/Practical Pyramid Applications                          USA

Brahmarshi Patriji            Power of Pyramid Energy Meditation for Total Healing of Masses               India

John Shaughnessy, Eng. Synchronized Healing Within Pyramids & the Moon Cycles                            USA

Igor Pitonak                        Magnetism and the Healing Aspect of the Pyramids                                          Slovakia

Dr. Beverly Rubik              Experiment with Pyramidal Structures & Energy Healing                                 USA

Harry Jabs, MS                  Experiment with Pyramidal Structures & Energy Healing                                 USA

David Sereda                     The Great Pyramid and Your Light Body                                                                 Canada

David Sereda                     How the Great Pyramid is Born Out of Golden Proportions                            Canada

Sandra Kennedy,              The Ankh Origins and Healing Properties                                                               USA


Dr. Lawrence Kennedy, PhD        Connection Btwn. Pyramids, Crystals, the Ankh & Lasers                 USA

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