Gary Parker’s – ET Experience

Cygnes and Sadr

the swan or the northern cross. Intersection of Ring Road and Nile River.

13- Left: The Being is in Red outlined on the NASA photo 
    Right:  A drawing by Gary of the Being he saw at the River.

"911-twin-towers-crime-scene"Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Lessin interview authors Reynaldo Duarte and Ethan Indigo Smith on the Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio (, Studio B on Sunday, July 20, 2014 from 8 to 10 Eastern.

Welcome to some advanced training about how this world is really run. Our human species was originally created to be slaves for an alien civilization. We have never been truly free. In this program you will learn why, and how the real rulers of planet Earth keep us in bondage. One of their favorite ways to do so is by constantly throwing shocking events at us, otherwise known as false flags. While World War I was gearing up, the United States Federal Reserve System was firmly implemented. While World War II was going on, more government intrusion into everyone’s life was becoming commonplace by way of the New Deal.

"control-population-acts-of-terror-josef-stalin"The Kennedy Assassination made clear the price of defiance for anyone able to do so. The Alfred P. Murrah building destruction worked out better than anyone in the U.S. Federal government originally planned. Ever since more such false flag events such as the East Africa Embassy attacks and September 11th have been the order of the day. Learn some more details about how the Planetary Oligarchy are intruding into your daily life routine, tune into our show!

Second hour we are joined by Ethan Indigo Smith.  We shall talk about nukes and of course tangential related is fine…


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Gary Parker

Born and raised in Wilmington Delaware. Gary Parker attended the University of Delaware. Moved to Los Angeles California in the late 70s. Worked in the real estate business and became a developer. Lived in Sherman Oaks Ca. for 25 years. Decided to try his hand at writing movie scripts. Created PARKER ROSE PRODUCTIONS with his writing partner MARJORIE ROSE. They were lucky enough to have written and sold a few scripts in Hollywood. They had one movie made titled “THANK HEAVEN”, starring JENNY McCARTHY.  Gary has been a member of the WRITERS GUILD of AMERICA (WGA) for 22 years.

After a compelling dream, Gary Parker sets out on the journey of his lifetime…to Restore the GREAT PYRAMID and SPHINX ! In this interview Gary will discuss how the revelation in a NASA photo leads to the discovery of an Alien Message and how that ties in with the Great Pyramid. His Hollywood background and connections to Richard Branson/ Elon Musk/ Gwenn Shotwell / Space X, all play a part in this unfolding mystery.

An Alien visitation on JULY 26th  2016 changed everything. The being spoke telepathically. All answers are in the NASA photo. …..and this is where his story begins…. ALIENS return July 26th 2022, Jerusalem, TEMPLE MOUNT.
1.) Who I am. (real estate / screenwriting / Hollywood)
2.) Discuss my project for World Peace to Restore the GREAT PYRAMID and SPHINX (Richard Branson/ Elon Musk/ Gwenn Shotwell / Space X)
3.) NASA photo file # ISS032-E-009123…Alien Message/Letters written beside the Great Pyramid. Ancient Hebrew written in Photo. Judaic Scholar Dr. Edward Wright / Aramaic Scholars/ Egyptologist Dr. Salima Ikram. Give translation.
4.) Talk about DREAM. Man’s voice telling me to go to the river and chant in Hebrew. My experience at the River. Coming home and seeing everything in the NASA photo.
5.) Instruct listeners how to download the NASA photo and best way to see the Alien Message by using a LAPTOP COMPUTER. Make the room as Dark as possible. TILT the Computer Screen.
6.) Have listeners shrink the NASA photo so they can see the ALIEN’S Left Profile (right side of photo) and the CYGNUS Constellation (Left side of photo) .How to adjust the LAPTOP Screen to see the STARS in the constellation.
7.) My experience with DR. PETER WORDEN, president of NASA’s Ames Research Center.
8.) Going back to the River. Seeing more in the photo. Meeting with RABBIS, PRIESTS, PASTORS, MINISTERS, and an IMAM.
9.) On my 38th visit to the river JULY 26th  2016 the ALIEN appeared (Vision of Ezekiel. Uriel..God..crystal structure..) What He said. Spoke telepathically. All answers are in the NASA photo.
10.) GREAT PYRAMID is a machine / library and it never stops. Can DETECT TECHNOLOGY.
11.) Engineer Rudolph Gantenbrink 1997 / Queen’s Chamber southern Shaft . Dejed Project. 2002 Nat Geo video “Inside the Great Pyramid” BINARY CODE.  Zahi Hawass “Just CRACKS”.. picture of PTAH, SEKHMET, and NEFERTEM in Crystal Throne.
12.) ALIENS return July 26th 2022, Jerusalem, TEMPLE MOUNT.



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