ACO Social Club

ACO Club
Membership Driven by Dues for our Professional Trade Association.
A community of peers in education and history recording and researching.
About us as ACO a Social Club as American Communications Online Broadcast Media Group.This is a peer-learning group for the nature enthusiast who wants to learn more and share what they already know. We share LIVE Radio, archcived podcasts included on Cosmos Expo Magazine. see, Our ACO friends activities include slow-paced nature walks ,taking trips, events, radio shows, health and wellness, self-help books, metaphysics, esoterics, spirituality, alientology, ufology, natural remedies, integrative medicine support talks together, We encourage others to join in our activities that increases our knowledge of the natural world. Members are not expected to be experts, but it’s certainly welome. You can call in 3 to 5 min, and share interests in life or teach us what you know. Just bring your curiosity and a willingness to share what you know.Posting pictures identifying what you see is encouraged. Sharing TJ Morris ET Radio Shows on social media and Youtubes on ACO CLUB is welcomed. Share Cosmos Expo Magazine, Ancient Cultures Origin Digest, UFOSecret Space. Spiritual science fellowship so no one has to feel alone or discouraged is encouraged as an ACO Member. Current events, ancient history, new thought teachings. Join us and learn how to support our cause of no one being alone on planet earth. We share our social media groups Alien Contact Org and UFO Secret Space. We know about change and growth and do our best to thrive while alive recognizing how to be aware of growth and change as a constant in the universe. We are universal life ministers, ET experiencers, and use empathic sixth sense intuition. We are open minded individuals and welcome the friends of TJ Morris also known as Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris as ACO Social Club. One way is to let her know what you personally are interested in sharing with her. What interests do you have in life.

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